Effective risk management strategies and techniques

DGL Group takes a thorough, disciplined, systematic approach to risk management that takes into consideration all elements of a project, including origination, pre-development, financing, construction, and exit. The company focuses on both value maximization and realization of that value (ie, exit) – from the beginning and as a core consideration in every phase of development. For every project, this includes:

  • Opportunities are sourced before they reach the open market. 
  • Minimization of pre-development risk exposure.
  • Value is added on a stage-by-stage process, allowing flexibility on exit opportunities.
  • Extensive due diligence, usage of sophisticated financial models / analysis tools, and implementation of effective developmental controls and management systems.
  • Implementation of proven currency hedging and tax minimization strategies.
  • Robust project review / approval process – all prospective development steps are thoroughly reviewed and subjected to comprehensive legal, operational, and financial analysis.